St. Paul South Bohemian Bagpipe Ensemble


Band Members and Their Instruments


The St. Paul South Bohemian Bagpipe Ensemble, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is what is considered a Small Peasant Band (Malá selská muzika) comprised of 2 Dudy (Czech bagpipe) and Violin. In addition, some pieces use a vocalist and/or one of the Czech rhythmic folk instruments - the vozembouch, fanfrnoch or hrábě. We perform folk music from southern and western Bohemia (Czech Republic).

Video Sampler from September 2015
A two-minute teaser of nine short snippets from some of our current music, highlighting a few of the sounds and combinations of the instruments (and singer.)
Note: this is a high resolution video file. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, in order to see it without stops and starts, it may be necessary to allow the whole file to load once to the end, then replay it from the beginning or download it to your desktop and view it at your leisure.

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The Czech bagpipe (known as the Dudy) is a traditional village folk instrument from the southern and western areas of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is used for weddings and special occasions and also for dances. Unlike the Scottish highland pipes, which are inflated by blowing into the bag, the dudy uses a bellows pumped under one arm. The dudy is also not as loud, and can be enjoyed indoors or out. It is fairly common to see them played at folk festivals in the Czech Republic, but currently there are only a handful of players in the U.S.

Bagpipe music is a typical part of the folk music of southern and western Bohemia. The main centers of bagpipe music are considered to be Strakonice (Prácheňsko) and Domažlice (Chodsko). Bagpipe music groups work with the folklore from ethnographic field work and perform in costumes representing their area.

Photos by Carol Ann Petersen.